Orange Photonics
Portable, easy to use and low cost, LightLab by Orange Photonics, brings accurate cannabis potency analysis out of the laboratory and into fields and processing centers. LightLab cannabis analyzer applies liquid chromatography and spectroscopy analytical techniques which are the technologies most regulatory laboratories use to analyze cannabinoid content. Raven Horse Farmz would be happy to analyze your hemp and give you the results in a simple, easy-to-read report. Email us for more information.

Farm Boyz
Farm Boyz offers a variety of products for White Label. They offer crude, distillate, and isolate products in bulk or individual packages with a seal and your logo. All labels are produced in-house to meet your needs.
If you would like to purchase Raven Horse Farmz tinctures, salves,
or gummies, please click here.

Sunrise Genetics
Sunrise Genetics' understands the importance of starting with high-quality seed or clones. They focus on the development of unique plants, ready for market and bred with the producer in mind. Building better plants specific to your needs helps you take control of innovation potential. The genomic tools expedite stabilization and consistency to achieve reliability.

Biochar can be used as a product itself or as an ingredient within a blended product, with a range of applications as an agent for soil fertility enhancement, improved soil water use efficiency, remediation and/or protection against organic and inorganic particular environmental pollutants, and as an avenue for greenhouse gas mitigation.
Raven Horse Farmz is pleased to have utilized Biochar on all three of our hemp farms.