We believe that farmers in the United States will now be competitive in the global market for hemp products production because of the regulatory approvals enacted by legislatures. This opportunity will ultimately boost the economic outlook for the agriculture industry especially farmers. We are confident the legalization of industrial hemp including the financial capital infusion will generate new income in the economy at the same time provide relief to many human ailments like pain relief, anxiety, depression, alleviate cancer symptoms, reduce acne, neuro-protection, high blood pressure, epilepsy and other medicinal use cases. More studies are being conducted now that the supply of Cannabidiol (CBD) will become more available should the farming sector adopt this deregulation of industrial hemp.
Jeff Kunze
President of Farming Operations
Jeff is recognized as the “fighter” on the team because of his sheer perseverance and fighting spirit in always believing nothing is impossible to achieve. He has also earned that accolade because he is a fourth degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (taught by Rigan Machado). He has donated countless hours in the last 20 years to the community in an effort to give back what was given to him. Jeff is also known for his relentless hard work which is appropriate to lead farming operations. Jeff is applying his knowledge and years of experience at a telecommunications Fortune 100 organization to all aspects of farming operations. Jeff is very committed to the success of Raven Horse Farmz because of his genuine desire to help those with health ailments that CBD and Hemp products are proven to help including epileptic seizures, cancer symptoms and other health issues. Jeff is driven to produce the highest quality CBD products inspired by the Charlotte’s Web CNN story.
Terry Stenlund
President of Business Operations
Terry Stenlund is a graduate of Penn State University and is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, having served in Operation Desert Storm. His mental toughness and discipline has been key to his success in the technology industry for the past 25 years. His involvement in direct sales, alternative sales channels, sales support, commissions and marketing will help drive the business. He was responsible for achieving over $68 million in annual revenue at a Fortune 100 publicly traded company. Terry brings a tremendous amount of hemp industry strategy and retail cannabis dispensary experience from his ownership of retail outlets in Colorado. His commitment to Raven Horse Farmz is fueled by his love for his wife of 22 years and 2 sons as well as a desire to contribute to producing high quality CBD products.